What Does A Defense Attorney Do?

A criminal defense attorney Jacksonville has many duties and responsibilities in the course of a case. The legal professional will defend you if you are facing a criminal charge. As their client, he will speak on your behalf.

Case Assignment

You may contact a criminal defense lawyer to fight for you or the court may assign the lawyer to you. Many of these lawyers work under the public defender’s office, while others are employed by private firms. You may also find some attorneys who have their own independent legal office.

Here is additional information about the work of a defense attorney:

Case Interview

Meeting with the client is part of the job of the criminal defense attorney in the initial stages of the case. Your attorney will ask you for as much information about the case. By answering specific questions, your lawyer can learn and identify possible weaknesses, strengths, and defenses.

Evidence Analysis

The criminal defense attorney Jacksonville studies both the theories and facts of the criminal case. The attorney may examine the evidence presented and look for theories that may work against the client’s conviction. He may also request for an independent examination of the evidence.

Case Investigation

The defense attorney makes a further investigation to find out any possible means to acquit the defendant. It usually includes talking to the witnesses and authorities regarding the case. It also involves gathering crucial details about the case. All this is essential to help build a strong defense case.

Jury Selection

Another important role of a defense attorney is to help in the process of jury selection. He may ask for the removal of a juror if he thinks the person may be biased against his client. This also applies if the lawyer has an unpleasant feeling about a prospective juror.

Plea Bargain

A defense attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor about a plea bargain. He is also responsible for discussing with the prosecutor regarding the status of the criminal case. He may also secure a good deal for his client, hence the reduction of charges, penalties, or punishment.

The criminal defense attorney Jacksonville you choose should do his best to stay in contact with you and keep you updated about your case. the attorney will make sure you will get a favorable result.