Senior Driver Accidents: Statistics, Reasons, and Causes

Do you feel worried whenever Granddad or Grandma is behind the wheel? Well, quite understandable. Senior citizen drivers may be more vulnerable to auto accidents compared to younger or middle-aged drivers.


Specific factors add up to the risks of a road mishap with a senior. Should you or your elderly loved one get involved in such a situation, contact a car accident attorney in Phoenix right away. Get insights about legal action, claims, compensation insurance, and feel more in control.


Senior Driver Statistics


From a different standpoint, senior drivers are comparatively safe and are involved in fewer accidents than younger ones. Older adults aged 65 to 74 years only make up t0 11.5 percent of all individuals involved in vehicular accidents in 2015, based on a report from the Insurance Information Institute. Those drivers aged over 74 years old only accounts for a measly 6.9 percent of all the drivers. On the other hand, drivers aged between 45 to 54 years account for 18.1 percent and that aged 55 to 64 years old make up 17.3 percent for all drivers involved in crashes in 2015.


The lower percentages of accidents attributed to elderly drivers may be due to various reasons. There may be lesser senior drivers out on the roads rather than younger and middle-aged ones. The former may also be more cautious and abiding on the speed limit.


Medical Issues That Increases Risks Of An Auto Accident With Senior Drivers


We cannot deny that with age comes medical issues that make driving more difficult for older people and heightens vulnerability to accidents. Some of these factors include impaired vision and hearing, reduced reasoning, and memory problems. Mobility issues are also a common concern as older people often suffer from muscle weakness and arthritis.

The potential side effects of the medications they intake can also be a contributing factor.


Common Causes of Senior Driver Road Mishaps


Younger drivers are most likely to get involved in accidents due to reckless driving or overspeeding. Elderly drivers, on the other hand, cause collisions due to different reasons such as driving through a stop sign or going far below the assigned speed limit. Frequent errors like misjudging distances, braking abruptly, making improper turns and failing to yield on intersections also pose risks.


Filing A Claim After An Auto Accident


Should you get involved in an accident, regardless of whether you are the one injured or the one who has caused it, it is imperative to get a credible lawyer. He is the best individual to guide you through the legal matters and help you with the right course of actions. This way, you can make sure to recover from any injury or damage you may experience as a result of the accident.